The Road to Istanbul

(Click here for PDF)
A young American woman finds herself on the side of the Anatolian Motorway with her backpack and nothing else. She thumbs a ride from Krikor, an Armenian painter, all the way to Istanbul.

Failing the Duck Test

(Click here for PDF)
On a field trip to a pond, Brendan learns why sometimes people can’t say what they mean.

Alien Pizza

(Click here for PDF)
“This is an epic prose poem, written in the future tense, about what was almost Earth’s greatest legacy.”

This Too is Not For You

(Click here for PDF)
On September 11, 2001, I was living in Bahrain. This piece is my attempt to share what 9/11 was like for an American who’d never lived in America.


(Click here for PDF)
The first fiction story I ever wrote. Justin is excited to visit his dad; meanwhile, a capable hitman closes in on his target.

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